Every Brilliant Stars jewel has been meticulously hand-crafted and designed to accentuate the natural beauty of the gemstone it showcases. Every curve and accent, every nuance and angle serve our greater goal- to create a unique, world class jewel without peer. However, even with one of the largest inventories of fine handmade jewelry available anywhere, our offerings do not stop there. Should you have a design in mind, we encourage you to work with our in-house design team and to bring your own design vision to life.

You may take advantage of our vast collection of GIA certified loose diamonds and color gemstones to be the centerpiece of your own design concept. This exciting journey may start with the examination of a select grouping of loose gemstones, all cut and polished by Brilliant Stars. Conversations about where each has been mined, the cutting process and each stone's particular "personality" are some of the inspiring topics you may cover on your design journey. These are just some of the highlights that will make your Brilliant Stars experience, completely unique.  

  Yet for other clients, our full design and manufacturing facilities may be of different use. Many bring us their own jewels- some with old and dated designs, some that simply have inferior craftsmanship. We can redesign your own jewels to be expertly crafted and updated with a look that you can be proud of. Your center diamond or gemstone may already be great quality. In many cases, they may be deeply sentimental. Why not let Brilliant Stars' magic touch make them your favorites again.

Whichever path you choose, whatever design goal you have in mind, you can be assured that Brilliant Stars produces a single quality- The best. A simple re-setting or the creation of an heirloom jewel, are equally important as they both bear the Brilliant Stars name. They've both been held by the same collective hands of our talented team. Contact us to experience our magic for yourself.  
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