The quality, hand-crafted jewels that are offered by Brilliant Stars is a rare art. The sheer talent needed to hand craft jewels takes years of apprenticeship to develop. Even with years of experience, only the most masterful of craftsmen have the “eye” to evaluate and execute original designs that bring out the natural beauty of each gemstone. Endless decisions must be made from the color and type of metal used to how to position the gemstone to not only sparkle but to also be comfortable to wear. Most other jewelry manufacturing has moved to high volume, bulk manufacturers in Asia. Brilliant Stars has resisted this trend with jewels made one by one and with the greatest attention to every small detail. This aspect, in and of itself, sets Brilliant Stars apart.

Now imagine a 3rd generation Family business that sources every single gemstone they use at their respective mining sites. Imagine the incredible gemstone knowledge that has accumulated over 85 years for this same Family. Brilliant Stars painstakingly cuts and polishes every rough gemstone used. Of course, this assures the absolute best quality cutting. But even more importantly, it is the only way to assure that the source of every single gem is legitimate, legal and up to our very high ethical standards. In fact, the vast majority of our gemstones were unearthed by small Family businesses. Nothing makes us prouder than to be able to support such small mining operations all over the world.

We have always believed that a person who is informed and knowledgeable about gemstones and jewels is the best type of client to have. It’s only through such knowledge that clients can truly appreciate the complexity and beauty of our art. At Brilliant Stars, not only are you offered one of the most impressive collections of fine jewelry available anywhere, but we are also in the unique position to teach and inform you about your important purchase. How much more meaningful is a jewel when you are able to learn about its every step from the cutting of the gemstones to the thoughts that went into its original design. Where else can a client hear about the unique stories behind each individual stone and even their country of origin?

Unlike most other luxury businesses, at Brilliant Stars, every single client is a VIP to us. Should you wish to meet with us, or even if it’s a simple preliminary phone call, you will be served by a member of our Family- an executive with many years of experience who is keenly interested in guiding you on your jewelry journey.
Whether considering a small purchase or a larger one- whether you are just starting the process and browsing or you are close to making a final purchase decision- your privacy and comfort are paramount to Brilliant Stars. We therefore blend all of our attributes in to a comfortable, private, showroom setting. You are encouraged to bring along anyone who you would like on your jewelry journey- a spouse, a friend and even young children. Afterall, at our core, we are a true Family business.

You may meet with our talented team at our many events and private showings around the world and experience our magic close to home. But if you have New York in your itinerary, our staff is happy to assist with any of your travel plans. Our showrooms are nestled in the beautiful and historic Great Neck suburb and we are happy to arrange for private transportation. Brilliant Stars is located in close proximity to some of the best restaurants and shopping that New York has to offer and your purchase will be even more meaningful if you are able to join us for an unforgettable day. We look forward to welcoming you to the Brilliant Stars Family!
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